Securemail Full.

A GDPR-compliant communication solution
through your email

Send and receive sensitive personal information through your email in a GDPR-compliant way.

What is Securemail Full?

Securemail Full transforms your email to an encrypted communication channel.

The service allows you to send encrypted email regardless if you are you using your computer, smartphone or tablet. The service is GDPR-compliant which means that you can send sensitive information (according to GDPR) directly with your email.

In addition to the fact that you can send sensitive information from your regular email, your clients or customers are also allowed to send encrypted emails to your organization without them having the service themselves.

The service does not require any software or education beyond your regular email.

It is the same service that a majority of Sweden’s municipalities, state authorities and large Swedish corporations use to protect their email and to meet the legal requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Allow your customers to send sensitive information to your organization

With this service you can both send and receive sensitive personal information.

With Securemail Full your organization is provided a dedicated webpage through which your customers or clients can send secure and encrypted email to your organization. This means that you can ensure that the information your customers wish to send to you takes place in an encrypted and GDPR-compliant manner. The site is adapted to your graphical profile and is provided a URL that is linked to your domain.

Administer your licenses

Replace, add and remove users on your own.

We provide a web based user interface where you can administer your licenses. If an employee’s employment ends, is paused or if new people are hired, you can assign a license yourself without contacting us.

Stop American access to sensitive information (Cloud Act)

A fully cloud-based solutition on server’s located in Sweden.

Through Cloud Act (2018) American authorities have far-reaching powers to demand that American companies release information from their servers, regardless where the servers are located. This means that companies worldwide now must weigh the risks of storing sensitive information at servers belonging to American companies.

Since our servers are based in Sweden and is owned by Lenito AB they are not subject to Cloud Act.

Securemail Full can be purchased as a fully cloud-based solution instead of using the service through your regular email such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. This means that all information is stored in the cloud instead of at their servers.

How does it work?

To send encrypted email a suffix is added to the email address.

Tjänsten fungerar genom att använda suffix (tillägg) till mottagarens e-postadress enligt nedan. The service works by adding a suffix to the email address according to below.

To send an encrypted email the following suffix is used:

To send an encrypted email the following suffix is used:

.”phone number”.s

After the first email is sent using a suffix, the new email address containing a suffix is saved in your address book, thus you are not required to add the suffix again but can instead merely choose the email address that fits your security needs.

Frequently asked questions about Securemail Full

Avtalet löper i 24 månader och förlängs automatiskt 12 månader åt gången om uppsägning inte sker senast 3 månader innan den, vid var tid, innevarande avtalsperioden löper ut.

Funktionen kostar inte extra. Däremot debiteras varje SMS-verifikation med 0,60 kr utöver licenskostnaden.

Avtalet förnyas automatiskt om uppsägning inte sker senast 3 månader innan den, vid var tid, innevarande avtalsperioden löper ut.

Ja, filer upp till 33 mb kan bifogas.

Nej, för närvarande löper avtalet på 24 månader.

Vi erbjuder både faktura och kortbetalning.

Varje licens kopplas till en specifik e-postadress. Vid köp uppger ni vilken e-postadress som respektive licens ska kopplas till.

Användarbaserad licens: Varje enskild licens kopplas till en specifik epostadress.

Företagslicens: Licensen kopplas till en specifik domän och därmed kan alla epostadresser med den specifika domänen använda tjänsten. Ni måste därmed köpa så många licenser som ni har epostadresser.

What does Securemail Full cost?

User license
Requeste quote
Corporate license
Requeste quote
Send secure emal through smartphone, computer
and tablet without any additional software *
Two factor authentication with SMSYes (60 cents per
Yes (60 cents per
GDPR-compliant (allowed to use for
sending sensitive information)
Attach filesYesYes
The receipient sees the sender’s email address as the senderYesYes
Send and receive secure emailYesYes
An external part can initiate an email to you **YesYes
Your email domain must be at Microsoft or Google ***YesYes
Everyone within the organization can use the serviceNoYes
Decide the number of times the receipient can open the emailOutlook (Win)Outlook (Win)
Decide for how long the email should be available for the receipientOutlook (Win)Outlook (Win)
Decide for how long the email should be available for the receipient
after it has been read
Outlook (Win)Outlook (Win)
Deactive the possibility for the receipient to reply to the emailOutlook (Win)Outlook (Win)
Remove the possibility for the receipient to forward
the email
Outlook (Win)Outlook (Win)

Payment is made on a yearly basis and the license is valid for 24 months
* The service works regardless of which service you are using to access your email for example through the web, Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.
** An external individual outside the company’s organization can initiate a secure email to email addresses within the company without having the service themselves.
*** This means that free email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo does not work with this service.

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Genom att ringa. Föredrar ni e-post eller kontaktformulär kan ni räkna på ett svar inom 18 timmar.

Ja, tjänsten uppfyller kraven i GDPR vilket betyder att ni kan skicka känslig information från er e-post. Samma tjänst nyttjas av en majoritet av Sveriges kommuner samt många organisationer och företag.

Från att ni ingått ett avtal med oss tar det högst 24 timmar att komma igång och börja använda tjänsten.

Ja, genom att använda våra tjänster kan ni skicka känsliga personuppgifter via e-post och behöver därmed  inte skicka fysiska brev. På så sätt kan ni spara in kostnader på administration, kuvert och frimärken. Genom att skicka e-post med SMS eller bankID-verifiering uppnår ni en säkerhetsnivå motsvarande rekommenderat brev.